Who we are

Fluência Hip Hop House started as a shared dream. It’s a non-profit Civil Society Organization (CSOS) with hip hop as the main tool for emancipation and social transformation. Fluência House is located in the neighborhood of Santa Fé, in Caxias do Sul, a periphery space that breathes life and art.

What we do

Fluência Hip Hop House undertakes actions that merge different elements from Hip Hop culture, such as Breaking, Graffiti, DJ, and MC, seeking to respect, cultivate and expand the original elements of this culture. The aim is to value the local artistic productions and generate actions of a strong social conscience.

The House activities began in September of 2019 giving assistance to 40 children, teenagers and young adults in social vulnerability. In 2020, the service was expanded and currently 70 people participate weekly of classes of Breaking, Popping, Hip Hop Free Style, Graffiti, DJ and English Classes. The participants also receive professional psychosocial care. 

Special Activities

Hip Hop culture Workshops

Fluência Hip Hop house offers, at no charge, breaking, hip hop freestyle, popping, graffiti, and DJ workshops for all kids, teenagers, and adults of the program. It also promotes specific activities that combine all the elements from the Hip Hop culture.

Open Training

Fluência Hip Hop House, at specific times, opens its doors to the community, offering the space and all equipment necessary to artistic training. Open training is a moment of free interaction where people can exercise, share knowledge, and encourage the hip hop culture.

Batalha da Prova

Produced by the Hip Hop group “Essência Crew” and jointly executed with Fluência House, Batalha da Prova (“Test Battle”), is an annual event where the students are allowed to present the result of their practices and dedication for the dance classes. Batalha da Prova, in its definition, means the closure of the year. It is the moment where the students can demonstrate their dance abilities by a dancing test, that in the Hip Hop culture is known as “battles”.

Coffee with Breaking

This itinerant event aims to make it possible for all the community to experience the Hip hop culture. Every edition has different attractions that merge all Hip Hop elements, having the dance and the music as core elements. There are information exchange, dance battles, workshops, and cyphers. Coffee with Breaking is also produced by Essência Crew Hip Hop group and jointly executed with Fluência House.

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